We are a green-energy company

Generation of green energy costs less than conventional energy and the initial investment of these energy solutions will rapidly be recovered through accumulated savings

Energy Audit
Logical cost overview
Logical cost overview of current usage vs. potential cost savings to establish a return on investment when replacing inefficient outdated systems. Let an InfoLED specialist advise you on all your technical requirements.
Subsidised Power
Buy green energy at a cheaper rate
InfoLED and its affiliate companies offer clients the opportunity to buy green energy by installing Solar PV solutions and selling this energy back to the client at a lower cost and lowered annual increase than that of Eskom.
Smart Metering
Integration of automated systems and smart metering
Integration of smart meters and sensing technologies provide clients with advanced tools to efficiently monitor, control and optimize energy consuming devices.
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  • LED Lighting
    Achieve over 80% reduction in cost

    Achieve up to 80% reduction in cost when changing to more durable, intelligent and efficient lighting technology.

  • UPS's & Generator BackUp
    Generator and UPS technologies

    Load shedding? You won’t find a better backup-power solution than with InfoLED. Let us advise you on generator or UPS options depending on your needs.

  • Smart Metering
    Digitise your commercial, industrial and residential premises

    Our proudly South African platform digitizes your residential, commercial and industrial premises by monitoring and controlling electricity, gas, water and hot water consumption. Savings are achieved by digitally optimizing billing and tariffs. We also offer remote control of your non-essential loads.

  • Solar Energy
    Green Energy Tariff is lower than that of Eskom.

    Why invest in renewable energy? Decrease your long-term capital expendiature through lasting reliability and guarantee of power. With InfoLED your Green Energy Tariff is lower than that of Eskom.

Let us provide you with a free energy audit

Our energy audit will provide the client with an analysis of current energy needs, usage and wastage, followed by recommended energy saving strategies tailored to the client’s needs. We pride ourselves in transparency and providing products of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting reliability, achieving the highest possible savings for organisations.

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