INFOLED is an experienced and progressive Energy Solutions Company and a recognized leader in the project development and energy consulting services industry.

The dynamic company specializes in Energy Conservation, Solar PV, Battery Storage and Smart metering and has an excess of 15 years’ experience, with Solar projects performing at up to 121% of projected performance.

Our client base extends across South Africa and includes major multi-national corporations in the retail, FMCG, commercial and industrial sectors. We are one of the largest single customers of SolarEdge in South Africa, which is globally rated as the most advanced and undeniably the best solar technology available.

We offer a world-class turn-key solution, from in-house engineering and financial modeling, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), project management, and holistic energy management services.

INFOLED do not only sell solar and backup systems; we deliver financial solutions to improve our customers profitability by developing alternative energy solutions for our clients.

The Real Financial Risk and Return of Commercial and Industrial Solar PV

INFOLED focusses on the following four key business areas:

1. Measuring consumption by using aSmart Meter to develop a load profile on our digital platform and consider alternative approaches to tariff management.

2. Reducing consumption via various energy conservation methods such as changing outdated lighting units to LED lighting, building automation / sensors, and optimizing high consumption equipment.

3. Generating power to ensure security of power supply via new green technologies, specifically solar photo voltaic (Solar PV).

4. Backup power assists with Eskom downtown and load-shifting via various methods, from large-scale synchronized generator sets and hybrid solar inverters to small-scale Uninterruptable Powers Supplies (UPS).

Our aim is to vastly improve our customers’ profitability and reliance on unreliable state utilities by concentrating on managing, reducing and digitising electricity usage.

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