LED Lighting

Our LED Products

LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology, bearing major cost-saving and maintenance benefits to industrial and corporate businesses alike. A simple conversion to LED has the potential to fundamentally change the cost of lighting and energy consumption to as much as 75%, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. InfoLED provides creative solutions to clients, offering a variety of retrofittable LEDs. We offer our clients only the best in lighting quality, with a 5-year warranty on our products.

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LED Funding
The Share of Savings Agreement means that InfoLED provides all products, free-of-charge, to upgrade the client’s facility to energy efficient lighting. In return, the client shares an agreed percentage of the overall savings, for the agreed timeframe. This funding model includes a 5-year on-site swop-out warranty.
Commercial LED
Commercial LED

Why switch to commercial LED?

We can convert any conventional commercial operating system to an energy efficient, high quality, LED-based operation. Our lighting components and materials are specifically chosen to exceed industry standards for durability and longevity.

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Industrial LED Light
Industrial LED

Why switch to Industrial LED?

Industrial sites have stringent guidelines to ensuring safe and adequate lighting. Let the InfoLED team increase the safety of your operation, while supplying healthier light frequencies, at a lower rate, with a longer lifespan.

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LED Lighting Benefits

Why switch to industrial or Commercial LED?

Long Life
Longer operational lifetime expectancy

LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational life of about 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation.

Energy Efficiency
Greatly improved energy efficiency

LED illumination has an 80% greater energy efficiency than standard bulbs and tubes.

Ecologically friendly

LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third.

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Zero UV Emissions
LED lighting emits almost zero UV

LED illumination produces little infrared light and close to no UV emissions. Because of this, LED lighting is highly suitable in museums, art galleries, archaeological sites etc.

Light Dispersement
LED lights achieve higher application efficiency

LED is designed to focus its light and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency.

LED lighting can operate on low-voltage power supply

A low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination. This makes it easy to use LED lighting in outdoor settings, by connecting an external solar-energy source.