Our Energy Saving Solutions Workflow

We help you get started on your path to cheaper, efficient and environmental friendly energy for your residential home and business.

InfoLED and its affiliate companies offer clients the opportunity to buy green energy at a better rate than that of Eskom. In this scenario the green energy is purchased from InfoLED under a shared savings agreement, and the Solar PV system is installed at the client’s site

Our Auditing Process

Our trained technicians conduct energy audits for residential, commercial and industrial properties. All our audits are tailored to the client’s specific operational requirements. Energy audits determine the following:

Technology Interventions
Technology interventions available and how much they will cost.
Return on Investments
The money you can save each month as well as your payback and returns.
Incentive options
Eskom rebates
Incentive options include Eskom rebates, carbon credits, funding grants, etc..

We provide your business with the best energy management solutions

We carefully customize and design components from a number of leading technology suppliers. InfoLED carefully structures its resources and purchasing power to deliver a cost effective solution for our clients.

Infoled Video Presentation
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