Integration of Smart Meters

Advanced tools to efficiently measure, monitor, control and optimize energy consuming devices.

We offer our Smart – Metering solutions at no cost to the client when entering into a Share of Savings Agreement.

Business Solutions
Bill verification
Access and manage all your accounts

Access and manage all your accounts with ease, get balances and usage info in real time.

Tariff optimisation
Minimizing risk and maximizing value

Minimizing operational risk and maximizing value through securing stable electricity.

Measurement and verification
Energy savings delivered

The measurement and verification process enables transparent and fair usage evaluation.

Multi-Tenant Solutions
Body Corporates l Home-Owners Associations l Business Parks
Enable split-billing, accurate rate-verification and remote-control of non-essential loads.

At InfoLED we believe in complete transparency while creating win-win situations. Many body-corporates aren’t aware that their metering- and energy-supply company is buying electricity in bulk, and re-selling it to them at an increased rate. Our smart metering platform is designed to empower the body-corporate to be earning the profit instead.


In this model InfoLED will provide and install the metering equipment at no cost or monthly fees. The client buys electricity in bulk and re-sells it to their tenants at a NERSA-regulated rate, under a Share of Savings Agreement with InfoLED.


This unique platform provides the client with a user-friendly, 24/7 online-database to monitor, control and sell electricity to their tenants at a profit.

Communications module and platform

What eBug offers

  • Electrical

  • tapWater

  • Hot Water and Gas

  • Load

  • Time & Weather

  • Temperature

Application of smart metering:

Residential Estates: Convert prepaid to smart metering and ensure fair municipal billing.

Commercial Building/Business park: Automated utility billing, increased recoveries and improves cash flow. Reduce disputes, identify leaks and monitor exact usage with integrated alerts.

Industrial Clients: Making informed decisions about energy and energy investments. Automated department-specific billing.

E-Bug Billing