Smart Meters

Gather and accurately relay all billable utilities

Consistently gather and accurately relay all billable utilities including electricity, water, hot water and gas.

The Old Way

Having to remember to read every meter every month using the old way can be a chore and inconvenience.

Reading errors, disputes and questions. Complicated separate systems and billing cycles with billing-lag – with cash-flow stress

With the old way, under-recovery of shared bills and communal areas are experienced on a rugluar basis with ever rising bills.

With the old way, users cannot track see usage 24/7 or receive any alerts for any unusual activity (as determined by you and your users); this results in failure to fix leaks.

Users don’t have financial analysis to understand energy efficiency investments. No data about energy usage. No grasp of which efficiency measures will pay-off.

eBug Way

Automatic Minute by minute readings 24-hours per day, logged to our servers and available to your tenants.

No errors, fully automated, users can view their own usage. We handle disputes, managed billing cycles – no lag – we can bill minutes after month-end.

100%+ recovery – allowing you to build up kitty for maintenance and even to lower electricity bills for end-users. Reduced bills by 10-50% through tariff optimisation.

Users can see usage 24/7; we can even send our alerts for any unusual activity (as determined by you and your users); fixing leaks before they become financial problems.

Empowered users who understand their usage and their bill. We even help with financial analysis to understand the best energy efficiency investments for you