Solar Energy

Hot water and electricity

We produce both hot water and electricity, scalable for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Solar Energy

Photo Voltaic and Thermal options

Photo Voltaic options
Grid-connected, optional battery storage
Off-grid without battery (array-direct)
Off-grid with battery storage, optional AC conversion

Thermal options
Direct Retrofit system
Indirect system

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Solar panel technology overview

A short comparison of the three inverter topologies – string inverters, micro inverters and SolarEdge DC optimized inverters. Learn how the SolarEdge solution combines the best of both worlds

Solar Installation overview
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Solar energy benefits

Why switch to Solar Energy?

Save money
Save thousands

Adding solar panels to your home can bring in monthly savings of well above 20%. Extend this to two decades, less than the length of a typical solar panel warranty, and this translates to thousands of rands in savings.

Home Value
Increase the value of your property

A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.

Save from day-one

Many homeowners choose to finance their solar panels with one of the “pay-as-you-go” financing options. In this scenario InfoLED is responsible for installation, maintenance, monitoring and repairs.

Solar is a secure investment

Let us calculate electricity generation and savings on the Solar PV system compared to the current system, over a 20 year term (fixed energy costs).

Guaranteed performance

We include a 20- to 25-year warranty (also known as a performance guarantee) with our solar panels. The industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years.

Save the environment
Go green

The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 160,000 kms.

We are Proud To Be Associated With These Great Brands.

Solar Edge, SMA Solar and Tesla

InfoLED and its team of associated companies and brands offer clients the opportunity to buy Green Energy at a better rate than that of Eskom.

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