INFOLED is proud to be associated with, and install equipment from trusted manufacturers such as SolarEdge, Sunsynk, Revov and PowerUP.

Where INFOLED strive to ensure client satisfaction, the below terms of sale are noted to ensure transparency with our valued clients.

Full terms and conditions of sale are provided with tailored proposals as they may be unique to your offering.

Orders and Delivery

• Stock availability is subject to supplier demand and is not guaranteed by INFOLED

• INFOLED will not be liable for any delay caused as a result of any variables for which it does not have direct control of


• INFOLED cannot guarantee pricing over 5 working days from the date of quoting due to worldly exchange rates and current affairs


• Interest may be charged if an account is overdue at a rate of 25%

• Goods Remain the property of INFOLLED until paid in full


• INFOLED, only under a signed SLA with the client, shall assist in the warranty process with the manufacturer directly, however is not liable if the warranty is granted or not

• The client may only enforce the warranty against the manufacturer and not with INFOLED

• Non-SLA clients will be responsible for enforcing warranties directly with the manufacturer of the installed products

• The warranty will not cover deficiencies attributed to Force Majeure, failure of the customer to maintain the system correctly or action by the customer their agent or 3rd party which negatively effects the system’s ability to perform to designed parameters. This includes neglect, misuse, alteration, tampering, improper maintenance or services/repaired by unqualified persons

• INFOLED does not necessarily keep spare stock on hand and facilitates the claims process with suppliers, whom have claim processes, turnaround times and procedures INFOLED need to follow during a warranty claim.


• Due to customized offerings to our clients, once a down payment is received and stock is secured, no refunds will be granted


• The end user makes use of the system entirely at its own risk and INFOLED, their staff or subcontractors are not liable for any damages weather direct or consequential as a result of any defect or loss caused by the system

• INFOLED will, for the duration of the installation, maintain Public Liability Insurance and contractor’s product all risks insurance

Data Privacy and Security

• INFOLED will not share, distribute or disclose any personal information of any client, as per the POPI Act without prior consent

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